Thursday, 24 November 2011

Nakim - FUK EM Cover art & Tracklist + YHCLIFE (video)

Track list and visuals, YHCLIFE Episode 1 after the jump, enjoy.

During dark times comes a dark voice willing to go to extreme measures. Those that rep that Black, this Friday, Nov 25th, "Black Friday" will receive the message as Harlem & YHCs own Nakim will be releasing his debut project, "FUK EM" to the public raw & uncensored. As he would say, "I'm just telling it how it is, and I'm not sorry if I offend you. Fuk Em All."

1. Fuk Your Intro [Prod. by FKi]
2. Fuk You Officer*
3. Swervin [Prod. by FKi]
4. Drunk As Shit (Po'd Up)*
5. Tommy Lee x Ice T x Rick James*
6. We Need Jeezy**
7. Debra & The Kids ft. iFFY The Badman*
8. Fuk EM*
9. Parental Advisory**
10. Who The Fuk Are You?**
11. K Fukin C*
12. Hol Up Hoe [Prod. by Justin Rose]
13. Fuk My Life*
14. No Sukka Shit [Prod. by A. Chal]
15. Light**
Bonus: Swervin ft. Jadakiss [Prod. by FKi]

"I walk up in this bitch and let the light hit me" - Nakim


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