Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Random Track of The Day

Today's Random track of the day to expand your day.(see what I did there?) Is from Joe Budeen, 1000 Faces from Mood Muzik 4. It is one of his must heard tracks in my opinion. If you don't have the album yet get it at Mood Muzik 4


KB said...

Hmm I not sure how I feel about this song yet. I mean it has a nice sound and everything, but I've never really been into this genre. Well, if I'm going to start, this could be a starting point :)

1HipHopBlog said...

@KB Joe Budden has different fans, me included. You either love him or hate him, his music is different. Maybe check out other songs on youtube or if you want an suggestion try the knowmads.

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