Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hip Hop x Sneakers x Vagina Mixtape

If you haven't checked out this mixtape do it now, it worth the download! Track list, description and download after the jump.

"September 6th is an ill emcee and producer representing Chicago's South Side. While seducing listeners with his smooth mellow voice, creative wordplay and soulful yet jazzy loops n beats, 6th is quickly rising as a star in the Hip Hop community. He is writing the score for a generation of hip hoppers who are not impressed with chains and rims, but more so with mic and production skills. His music truly represents the awareness or "consciousness" he has of himself, his family, his culture, and his environment. Above all his music is a true representation of the essence of hip hop."

1.Perfect Woman Ft. Take 1 x Qwestions (Prod. By September 6th)
2.Flight 45 (Prod. By September 6th)
3.Hallway Music (Prod. By September 6th)
4.Space Jams Ft. Qwestions (Prod. By September 6th)
5.They Know (Prod. By September 6th)
6.Addicted (Prod. By September 6th)
7.Terrorism Ft. Cypha x Qwestions (Prod. By September 6th)
8.International No (Prod. By September 6th)
9.The High Life (Prod. By September 6th)
10.Nolan Vs. 6th (Prod. By September 6th)



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