Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hopsin vs Novi Novak Round 1 & 2

All info and diss tracks after the jump!

Ok so Novi apparently said a few things on Facebook about Hopsin. If said it is said to be these words from Novi to Hopsin.

"lol dude sounds identical to Eminem in 2000. I mean COMPLETELY Identical. COMPLETELY... Flow delivery style etc. lol I dont even need to talk to him he's giving me FREE publicity on his facebook page lmfao. I'm already further than him and ...ive been around 1/3 of the time. My lyrics speak for themself.. Hes talking about sneaking in drakes crib and killing and a bunch of other shit he would never do in his life then calling other rappers fake and wack. This guy has lost his chex mix.... Hypocritical in each and everyone of his own songs... lol G/l fuckin with me man"

"Faggots riding around on a skateboard with zombie eyes in... this is hip hop you moron"

"lol what a waste of time.... Ill just shit on him with my fan base and Album hit songs. Im real as they get. I dont care about him lmfao"

"lol bro has his eye pierced... Ill beat his head in with his skateboard... tellm i said that.. haha im out though I got ish to do LMFAO sag my pants... he dissin wayne and everybody tryin to get a name for himself. dudes covered in wack juice. Tellm make a diss song then. Im outtttt"

Within 24 hours Hopsin while on tour responded with this short diss track.

Novi then came back with this track.

Hopsin knew he had to come back with something, here is that one.

After a few mysterious days Novi finally responded with this track, ending it with a nice Stan parody.

It almost seems that Novi had his track premade then intentionally started the beef. Hopsin is on tour for his RAW album, so not sure if or when he will respond. We can't even be sure if this will arise to anything more than a couple thousand YouTube views and allot of trash talking between each other’s fan base. I will keep updated as it progresses. You can get the diss tracks below if you like them, enjoy.

Update May 2012 - The beef is officially over, Hopsin took to Facebook to tell everyone. Read more here.

Hopsin - Novi Novak Diss
Novi Novak - Marcus Diss
Hopsin - Novi Novak Diss - Dont tell smokey doe! (part 2)
Novi Novak - Marcus Who. Part 2


Anonymous said...

hopsin got owned ...not once but twice

Anonymous said...

Hopsin killed that hanes tee wearin swagless white boy

Anonymous said...

hopsin fried him

Anonymous said...

novi is a poser... hopsin ftw

Anonymous said...

novi killed it.. mad respect for novi, beating a bitch like hopsin... wtf is a hopsin anyways?

Anonymous said...


Shane said...

I have it even.

Anonymous said...

Hopsin killed him. I just heard of them yesterday so It's not a bias vote like most of the other ones.. Hopsin won in both tracks.. it was closer for Novi in the 2nd one though.

Kody said...

Hopsin shit is dope! Novi sounds like a retard, and hes to afraid to battle Hopsin.. That to me shows that Novi thinks he will lose. Because if he thought he would win then he would battle

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

LMAO HOPSIN killed his ass novi has zero flow.

Anonymous said...

Hop has a better sound, but Novi was funnier and more creative. Novi wins the beef, but overall Hop is a better rapper. I'd buy Hops albums over Novi's albums. There stickcam conversation was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Novi is a bitch Hopsin killed his ass 2 times his fuckin basement his ass poor and wayne wouldnt sign his gay ass anyway fuckin pussy FUNK VOLUME BITCHES

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