Monday, 21 March 2011

Tyler The Creator - Goblin LP

Look out for Goblin the upcoming LP on May 10th. If you haven't heard Tyler before check back in later I'll post Yonkers(second track) as my Random Track of The Day later, track list after the jump.

1. Goblin
2. Yonkers
3. Radicals
4. She (Ft. Frank Ocean)
5. Transylvania
6. Nightmare
7. Tron Cat
8. Her
9. Sandwitches (Ft. Hodgy Beats)
10. Fish / Boppin Bitch
11. Analog (Ft. Hodgy Beats)
12. Bitch Suck Dick (Ft. Jasper Dolphin & Taco)
13. Window (Ft. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, & Mike G)
14. AU79
15. Golden


Milksteak said...

Tyler is a genius, and the song Yonkers showcases it so well. This kids going far for sure.

Anonymous said...

where can i find this shit?

tissue rejection said...

I can't wait for this. Tyler is so fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Does this link work..?

DesignTiem said...

I loved this album when I first heard it. It was the most intense rap I had ever heard. Now I'm not as shocked and amazed, but it's still a great album.

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