Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Aleon Craft - Mothership Decatur (Free Mixtape)

Aleon Craft just drop his newest Mixape. More After the jump including Download and Track list!

1) Aleon Craft – “The Arrival” (Prod. Sol Messiah)
2) Aleon Craft – “Make It Out” (Prod. SMKA)
3) Aleon Craft – “Donkey Kong” (Prod. SMKA)
4) Aleon Craft ft. G-wiz & Heavy Slim – “On the Air” (Prod. DPMG)
5) Stargazing Intermission 1
6) Aleon Craft – “Look Twice” (Prod. SMKA)
7) Aleon Craft – “Yoga Flame” (Prod. SMKA)
8 ) Aleon Craft – “Ball of Confusion” (Prod. SMKA)
9) Stargazing Intermission 2
10) Aleon Craft – “Auto Pilot” (Prod. Roundtable Kings)
11) Aleon Craft ft. Backbone – “Ghetto Dope (Prod. SMKA)
12) Aleon Craft – “No Strings Attached” (Prod. SMKA)
13) Aleon Craft – “Places to Fly” (Prod. SMKA)
14) Aleon Craft ft. Nappy Roots & C# Sharp – “Simplistic Expression” (Prod .SMKA)
15) Stargazing Intermission 3
16) Aleon Craft – “Collards” (Prod. SMKA)

You can get it HERE OFFICIALLY but you have to enter a email then check it for the download. Or you can get it HERE re-uploaded by 1HipHopBlog no email or nothing.


Marian said...

free music is good music

King Elysium said...

look up Hopsin if you like underground rap

Tross150 said...

yes, on the Donkey Kong track

tissue rejection said...

Nice find man, thanks!

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