Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Charles Hamilton - NHF

If you like Charles Hamilton, proceed to clicking the jump. If you don't or you never heard him before, check out his other stuff. You can go to the bottom of this page and search his name if you want, or YouTube. That is all I got to say. Track list, download and description after the jump.

"NHF was recorded back in 2010, Charles recorded songs about his children so enjoy, but this is not an official project from him, seeing as how he did not have control over the artwork, the track listing and the titles were indeed changed, take it for what it is....and also Charles contacted us recently and he wanted all you guys to know that he indeed likes his music so enjoy.."

1] I’m Chris Rivera (Chris)
2] I Must Be Beautiful (Alysse)
3] King Of The Weirdos (Stephen)
4] Where Is Charles Hamilton?
5] Daughter Muzik (Amy)
6] Dino’s Rhymestyle (Dino)

Download: Charles Hamilton- NHF.zip

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