Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Rain - The Magic Hour 2

With DJ Pain 1 and Rain behind the production, your better be ready for this. If you havn't heard anything from Rain, check out the bottom of this post for the Last Post. OnSMASH brings us the street album, and we thank them! Track list and download after the jump!

01. Intro (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
02. Big Time (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
03. Still High (Prod. by Rain)
04. No Coming Back (Prod. by DJ Pain 1 & Rain)
05. Come On 5 (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
06. Rich Forever (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
07. Ring Size (Prod. by Rain)
08. Then I Met You (feat. Krilly Krillz) (Prod. by DJ Pain 1 & Rain)
09. Peaked Lapels (feat. Keep Pushin) (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
10. Magic Moments (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)
11. Once In A While (feat. Krilly Krillz) (Prod. by Rain)
12. Miracles (Prod. by Rain)
13. Forgive Or Forget (feat. Keep Pushin) (Prod. by DJ Pain 1)

Download: Rain - The Magic Hour 2

Last Post: Rain - Magic Moments (Prod. By DJ Pain 1)


Wolle said...

thanks for sharing

ChazWellington said...

never heard of this. will give a listen. thanks!

Jay Reid said...

I like the style of it!

Jake said...

You must dig around for this stuff!

Akio said...

Look interesting, what genre?

ThirteenCats said...

excellent, I've never heard of half the stuff you post!

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