Thursday, 5 May 2011

Freekstile - Nakamura, Japan

You guys need to check out this Mixtape I just got. It definitely is different, unique and recommended, so what you waiting for? Enjoy!

"Dumb Genius artist Freekstile drops his much anticipated mixtape titled Nakamura, Japan. Lydon Norris Samuda a.k.a “ Freekstile” is a Lyricist, Producer, Audio Engineer, and Musician born in Brooklyn, New York."

"His unique style was formed through many influences, including hip-hop,rock techno, and Japanese culture. Over the years Freekstile has released many Demos and singles recording over 150 songs but Nakamura, Japan is his first OFFICIAL release."

Download: Nakamura, Japan [Mixtape]


He of Much Awesomesauce said...

pretty fresh

Sety said...

thanks for sharing

Eric Peterman said...

wow his sound is so different..

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