Sunday, 5 June 2011

B.o.B vs Odd Future

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So you might have heard this whole B.o.B vs. Odd Future thing before but let's try to stay on the same page, shall we?

Let's start from the VERY beginning; B.o.B puts out a song that dose get all of hype. Song is one of the top of the year and is heard across from big hits on YouTube to MTV and the radio.

Odd future's Tyler, The Creator puts out a song called Yonkers, in this song a bar gets shot to B.o.B's song air plane. In Yonkers it says "Wolf Haley robbin’ ‘em. I’ll crash that fuckin’ airplane that that faggot nigga B.o.B is in.” and apparently B.o.B took this seriously.

He then released a song called No Future, aim right towards Odd Future.

Download: B.o.B. - No Future.mp3

Now The Source Magazine catches up with B.o.B and asks him a bit about the whole "beef" at the point.

A few weeks later Odd Future was on Tim Westwood for an interview. In the middle Tim asks about B.o.B and they say that they feel like they won because they are "nobody’s". (4:40)

Now B.o.B is on Tech N9ne's new album, on a song called Am I A Psycho? with Tech N9ne and Hopsin, B.o.B seems to put some anger into his verse. Some people are calling it another shot or diss toward Odd Future.

B.O.B - OddFuture Diss2.mp3

Will Odd Future ever send around diss? Or is B.o.B just reading way into everything and should relax?


Shreddie Murphy said...

Very interesting, followed!

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed it very much mmmm

Randy said...

Reminds me of the Eminem ICP stuff from a few years back

JPG said...

I think this is the first rapper rivalry that I've been aware of.

minecraft129 said...

Dude Tyler > B.oB

random / lame said...

Nice post

Dvallej said...

i dont know any of those

Jon said...

nice beats thanks for the info and links

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