Saturday, 9 July 2011

Brittany B. Michelle - Gangsta Of Love

She looks good, she sounds good, can you blame me for posting? I know this isn't the 1R&bBlog but check it out any way, you might enjoy it!

Picture a R&B singer who is challenging the boundaries of R&B, can sing the classic rock standards all over hip hop tracks. Brittany B Michelle is the future of R&B.
The perfect look to sing that perfect song.

Brittany’s ability to engage the audience is what attracted local groups to invite her to perform with them throughout her middle and high school years. In high school, she joined Sweet Dreams. The group had some local success but she always felt the group should want to be more successful. As her drive to record music grew, she began to start working on solo material. The recording studio is her new home.

As the demand grows for the music of Brittany B Michelle, she will continue to deliver on point and on time for her fans. She continues to share her "Love Story"

Download: Brittany B. Michelle - Gangsta Of Love.mp3


GMSoccerPicks said...

Nice voice, but i feel like she is nothing different than what we already have. The little i heard i believe she doesnt stand out, but perhaps another tracks could prove me wrong.

Magixx said...

love it!

blorriepoes said...

she has such a nice voice!
she looks cute too.
i like it +1

Wolle said...

really good

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