Saturday, 9 July 2011

More Charles Hamilton!

Hit the jump for the full article, the download, and the enjoyment. More Charles the better I say. Enjoy.

If you go on the county website for the jail system he was in you will see that they declared him "indigent" Let me explain that, that means he cant provide for himself the basic necessities of life. Clothes, food, etc.

He has intentionally given you 900 songs. On his own. You do not have that many songs out from many other artists, if any. This man has put out no albums. He is clowned by most people in the game. He has been in between prisons and mental institutions for 7 months. His career could possibly be over but he's being given another shot. People in his camp that have convinced him to get back in the game. To give it one more legit try and he has agreed. and when he is on the brink of coming out of the hell he has been in since last August. His fans. HIS FANS. The people who are supposed to care about him and his music, and his career, and his life, and where he goes. The people who he has allowed to know him on a personal level. More so than any artist. Ever. Decide to take it upon themselves to try to mess that up by releasing his old music and convincing themselves there doing the right thing by saying "he said it was public domain" (whiny voice) or "the starchasers are happy" and maybe he'll get over this quickly. He may come in tomorrow and say its cool. but let the man decide dont be deciding shit for him. Like who do people think they are???

There's more out there that hasnt leaked... Shit needs to stop. Period. If it doesn't he probably wont put out a come back project because of all of this.
So to the leakers and anyone who has encouraged it....

Ya'll are bitches.. and I intentionally didnt cuss til this line. You only care about yourself and I hope Karma comes around and fucks shit up for you.


tldr: It was leaked so now it's being released. SMH..

Download: Sober

Here is a song from the project, Charles goes over Eminem's Rain Man.


Hot New Music Today said...

That picture is ruining my childhood.

Wolle said...

Totally agree with the comment above me ;).

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