Friday, 15 July 2011

Sound FX - When I Die

They are re-realsing thier offering of Still Dreaming. It will be out later this year with new tracks, enjoy.

We shall all die one day but when we do die what will be the reaction and how shall we be remembered?

Download: Sound FX - When I Die.mp3


HK said...

Damn ive been looking for some hiphop lately to listen to to refresh my music tastes! this is a great blog /followd

SilverWolf said...

you probably get people all the time telling you to check someone out, but i gotta tell you of my ultimate favorite hiphop track. Moment of Truth by Gang-Star. great song with true message. followed.

LaezE Boy said...

nice song, I was never much into hip hop, but I might have to start listening to it more

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