Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dominique Larue x Dub MD - The Sam Jackson Project

Track list and download after the jump! Enjoy.

The "Sam Jackson Project" is Dominique Larue's 6th project to date, the difference with this one is she's brought along the legendary Samuel L. Jackson. This is to be considered an "Ode to Sam," with a collection of quality rhymes/production, while she intertwines quotes from her favorite Sam Jackson movie appearances. Larue wants to achieve two goals with this project, make people laugh and keep everything rough, rugged, and raw. With the help of DJBooth and Dub MD, Larue was able to make the project come to life...

01.) Rough Intro (Cuts By DJ Bern)
02.) Sam Jackson (Produced By King Mickey)
03.) Dope Sh#t: Revisited (Produced By Fliccs)
04.) We Are (feat. M-Dot & Revalation) (Produced by Onederkid)
05.) Lakeview Terrace (Produced by D-Que Beats)
06.) Undesirable No. 1 (Produced by Greg Beasley)
07.) Murderer (feat. Add-2) (Produced by Severe)
08.) F*ck School (Produced by Onederkid)
09.) Marcellus Wallace (Produced by D-Que Beats)

Download: Dominique Larue x Dub MD - The Sam Jackson Project


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