Monday, 15 August 2011

Exclusive Interview With Lo Keys

We asked Lo Keys a few questions, hit the jump for the full interview!

1. What made you start writing and performing hip hop?

I think its just my love for music in general. Hip Hop is such an expressive genre of music. In my opinion there are no boundaries on what you can talk about, talk out against or who you can talk about within the music and that's a plus because self expression is such a big part of the new generation. I basically got started in Hip Hop in my younger days. At heart i am an artist that loves to draw and paint. Eventually i would get bored with that and transition my thoughts from actual art to painting my pictures with words.

2. How has your experience with First In Flight Entertainment been?

Everything has been pleasant with First in Flight. I think the creativity and the freedom i have to do whatever i want is great. I don't have anyone over my shoulder saying "you shouldn't do this" or "don't do that". Its basically freedom of expression in its rawest form. As far as the music that's great as well. Me and Rain collaborate on many different projects and songs that hit the net quite often and get good responses so all in all i don't have any complaints.

3. Where did your stage name come from, did you have any others before it?

My stage name came pretty much like any other stage name. It was just something people called me when i was in school. People used to call me Lo Key for the simple fact that i was "on the low" all the time. (Laughs) When i started doing music then i added the "s" on to it because i thought it sounded good and there were way to many rappers named "Lo Key" from what i had seen.

4. On Facebook you said your favorite Quotations are “always be prep” Where does that come from?

I cant really say if there is an origin for that statement. Im sure someone is credited along the way as the person who came up with it. (Laughs) But its just something i say. I think if you stay prepared, when disaster strikes it wont strike as hard. I try to live by the 5 Ps. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Its just a way of living for me. Staying on task and being productive are major key's to success.

5. What are your top 5 dead or alive artists?

I would have to say Jay Z, Nas, 2 pac, Notorious BIG, and Easy E. Those artist embody what it is to be a true Hip Hop artist.

6. Who has been your favorite artist to work with so far?

My favorite person to work with so far would have to be Young Gliss. Me and him are like the Blue's Brothers. When we link its not just music its a friendship first. We both enjoy a lot of the same things when it comes to music and life. I certainly respect other artist i have worked with but Young Gliss is my dude. Be sure to look out for the Blue's Brother's mix tape coming soon.

7.Can you tell us a bit about any upcoming projects?

Well the "Green Hornet" is coming up in a month or so. On there i have features from Prodigy, French Montana, Mistah Fab, Rain, Young Gliss and more. Also we have production from Zone Beatz and a few others on the board. After that me and Young Gliss are going to drop a duel tape entitled "The Blues Brothers" so be on the look out for that as well.

8.Any collaboration you would like to do?

I always say Slick Rick and Kanye West would be my dream collaboration. I want to do a three part story which would have each person on the song telling a different part of the story until the ending. I think it would be dope and creative at the same time. Hopefully we can get Pete Rock to produce the beat.

9.What are your goals for your career?

My main goal is to take care of my family. All the other stuff that comes with the life is just an extra incentive. As long as im able to put food on the table and make conscious decisions when it comes to my people i am alright.

10.What is your favorite verse you have written so far?

I would have to say either the freestyle i did on "Rather Unique" (look below for the video) or the freestyle i did on "For The Love Of Money" both of those were classics in my opinion. I got rave reviews on those freestyles from the Hip Hop community and in my opinion it was Hip Hop in its purest form.

11. Any Last Shoutouts?

Big Shouts to 1HipHopBlog for taking the time to sit down with me and chop it up. Shouts to First In Flight Ent, Somethin lite, Young Gliss, CMG, IglooMediaBase, the whole North Carolina and dont forget to follow me on twitter @LoKeys910. Lets Go!!


Mr Jack House said...

That have inflamed desire in my breast. Following!

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to read about him. I always listen to bands and singers, but rarely know something about them.

Dilord said...

this is interesting.

Clueless Dolphin said...

I've found that the most interesting life stories come from hip-hop artists. Maybe they don't appeal to everyone but they all seem to shine a light on creativity triumphing bad decisions in life. That is, unless the artists is some rich fag that never had a problem in his life

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