Monday, 5 September 2011

White Girl Raps Fast

Title says it all, she kills it! She also just got signed, hit the jump for the lyrics. Enjoy.

Like oh no comin through the door
Lega-C she underestimated no more
What- comin through the door I'm never gonna stop
I'm going to the top and if you're slippin then I might take your spot
Comin hot, the lyrics that I drop
Those that didn't think that I would make it well I never fall off
Hardcore like a sawed off
Leave you layin in the dust and then your body gets hauled off
If you're blinking then I'm thinkin that I come in creepin
Now your turn is over hit the Rover now your shows called off
Wanna send a couple little F you's
To the ones that couldn't give the credit where the credit was due
Followed all the rules and the don't do's
Bet you wish you woulda put me on your team
That's old news
I'm a captain now I got my own dang team
Now you're beggin me see what I bring
Nothin but the heat and you will never catch me sleep
I'm doin everything I can because I'm never gonna feel defeat
Freaky freak freaks that wanna cut
Fakin ass rappers wanna get up in my guts
I'll never be a slut you'll never get the cutta
Did I stutter? No I didn't
Flowin slick as butter but you wanna feel me
But I don't think that'll ever happen
If you wanna feel me then you better feel this rappin
Maybe get to scrappin if you keep harassin
Leave you layin on your ass and Ima sit back laughin
But aint nothing funny
Cuz I'm all about my money and I'm grindin and I'm stuntin
And you never saw me comin it's the game I'm overrunning
Listen to my music and you see I'm a phenomenon
Every lyric that I spit is coming from my fingertips
And if you heard it different then that's bullshit
It's some people that was jealous
And they got to fibbin bout my livin
Give it time but now I got my culprit
When you click the video you might've thought that I was gonna suck
Might've thought that I was here to make you laugh
Now that I got your attention level up I'm here to tell you that I'm comin for the cash
I aint playin
I aint sayin I'm the greatest
I'm just sayin that I'm bankin on my way to being famous
Know you hate it when I made it and your name aint in it
But that's how it goes I'm on my toes you know you never shoulda waited
So long to give me my respect
One mic one stage you know Ima wreck it
Used to be cool but that don't mean you my friend
If I let you in I know how it'll end because of how you been
In the past but I don't walk backwards
Now you wear a mask and then you actin like an actor
Who you think you is
Who you think you messin with
Do you think you messin with just an average CHICK
Not me- so far from that
I got the 3rd eye see through all the dumb bullshit
Get off my back I won't cut you no slack
There's nothing we can do for each other and that's that
It's a fact it's a rap, so seriously
Need to address my family
The ones that was cool was in the studio with me
Rest of you have caused more problems than my enemies
Because you hated me- your jealousy-
You wanna see me on my knees
It's like you mad because you aint me
Though I had your back
And everything we been through
Everything that I did for you
Tear you cried and who was always right there with a tissue
It's an issue with me so I gotta stay away
Love you too much to really play that game
Quit drinkin hateraide
Drinkin hateraide

oh no comin through the door
Lega-C she underestimated no more Lega-C


Anonymous said...

This is new for me. D:

Mr Jack House said...

Graces her subjects, and her thoughts the king. Supporting!

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