Thursday, 8 December 2011

DTMD - Untitled Ft. Oddisee

Reminder how dope the album is, check it out and hit the jump for the lyrics.

ayo Toine, they want me switch the game up
I was tryna play it, maybe I can get my name up
On the high score, another level
marquee mark the bottom of the map where I came from...
its okay young, you get it overnight and you gon' lose it over day
and homie that's where the shade come
but I done walked through the valley of the shadow of dark
my eye sharp, so the path I don't stray from
but when the day come, the eye in I out the eye of the storm
I'ma move on what I take from
the path, like a casket from Damascus
being moved to a musuem and viewed by the masses
truthfully, asking me, in my opinion most niggas fashion
jewels and they glasses, ask them they views they confused like "what happened?"
proof they watch news on caption

In the midst of a lost society
a cat's noriety
is passed so quietly
as stashed sobriety
but my math is ivy league
like stacks of pinery
...or trees
kinda dope, like the shit was grown in Belize
and flown overseas, I
loan what you need and
roam where I please
cause I'm sewn from the seeds of
legendary emcees...see? we the same breed
I remain me...cold enough to give a brain freeze
old enough to make it plain, see...
morals is outplayed when they out paid
you stumble across where doubt lay
but you need food in your mouth, eh?
so when you rap, what you gonna say?
do you spit to make the ass shake?
or do you kick it for the brain's sake?
I'm just kicking shit half-baked
hoping that we on the same page
so let's go.


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