Thursday, 1 December 2011

Has-Lo - Reincarnate (Audible Doctor Remix)

Has-Lo's final release off his latest drop, Conversation B. Hit the jump for the lyrics that run with his great flow.

I make pussycat rap acts boogie and dash
Like I’m dog the bookie, I bully a track
Look behind Has-Lo’s eyes, a hive mind
I fight inside for inner peace with each side
Ironic. I’ll bit your head off
Hand you your necklace back. Put some ice on it
Life’s boring, I sleep mine away
Dream lucidly, try and see how deep I can fade
It’s bugged. Take a stroll in my subconscious
Where foul thoughts crumble the walls that block it
Mentally I’m crooked and cracked
White man say it’s ‘hood in me, could it be that?
I reflect and repel, I’m out of your reach
Too r-a-w for retail
I’m deep like hellraiser’s box, heavenly release
I’m imperfect. The wings made me complete
In my past life I rolled with a thief
Young knight, priest and a cleric
Still roll with me in spirit
I died in the field
Now I reincarnate and battle the beat


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