Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Malkovich - JIM KONG ILL

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"24 hours after the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, Los Angeles-based emcee Malkovich drops "Jim Kong Ill", the second single and title track from his forthcoming album based on the life of the infamous dictator. Malkovich dropped the Ayatollah Presley mixtape earlier this year, hosted by House Shoes and featuring Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, Dibia$e, Killer Reese of King Fantastic, P.U.D.G.E., Sum, IamOmni and many more."

Jim Kong got a hit song
my advisors wrote it, that’s noted, let's move on
move on your shitty city
with gats and gongs, the gongs freak ya, gats cut ya itty bitty
Chinese new year shit, sound warfare, I pioneered it no wonder I can’t hear shit
yall got near hits, you blow targets like you’re tarded
bombs hit like my ass parted and farted
I told Obama stay the fuck outta LA
don't take your ass past San Vicente okay
but while you're here drop by the offices under the auspices of the new cats that's running all this shit
small business? you can say that again
yall some small businessmen, about four foot ten
wanna act like a bitch? well that's all good then
call up a few friends to tie up some of my loose ends

the Syrians are serious
bilious clouds hanging over Damascus
blew the world up, God thanks for having us
the ten peoples that’s left it’s back to the abacus
my dong hang over Pyongyang
I shift right and give the Japanese something to discuss
it’s a long thang
my missile tickle clitorals, I fuck an interviewer across the table during the interview
take me literal, I’ll kill the whole eight bill of you
like I got shit to do
your brittle truce is little use
we record your torture, and use the shit for interludes
I’m watching from the Jacuzzi
bumping that new Neil Young, it’s slick but bluesy
bubbles in the tub? accuse me
then tell CNN, everything I do’s newsworthy

tell Ahmedinejad to get a job
I heard them mullahs got moola and they’re working you like a dog
everybody knows you and the mofos in charge have grown apart so kill the Bonaparte routine
maybe switch teams you can be our guy
you can be our Karzai
just take a class in Poly Sci and you’re overqualified
just give us all your oil and lets keep this dollar high
and what them fools selling nobody buy
and don’t worry bout them they know the time
and when you see Jintao, bow, lets not cause a row
we ran him off the Dow anyhow
that’s what the bare facts is
think it's time for some scare tactics
hit him with a care package
my man Myrtlebaum with the dirty bomb, catch bitch


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