Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The White House Band - Ghost Ft. Tupac

New track featuring some Tupac clips, really well done too! Check out the lyrics after the jump, enjoy.

Tupac :

God has cursed me, to see,
What life should be like,
If God wanted me to be this person,
And be happy here,
He wouldn't let me feel so oppressed,
He wouldn't let me feel so trampled on,

I want when they see me,
They know that everyday when I'm breathing,
It's for us to go farther

I got to do more than just the average man would do,
I gotta set a mark that cant nobody touch,
And when I set that mark, I'mma make it

What the rap audience isnt ready for,
Is a real person,
You know what I want to say,
A real N-I-G-G-A

Verse :

When I make a song,
I'm always shooting for the fences,
I go to war against myself,
Frontline, trenches,
All my beats be #1's
Drumline, bitches,
So its just a matter of time
Before I get it,
been ambitious since I was semen,
But I'm from the hood,
Where doing good is treason,
And I'm from,
Where to pop you they dont need a reason,
It's a miracle I'm still breathing,
All my contracts legit,
Nobody fucking me,
And on the music tip,
Aint nobody touching me,
And most of these rap niggas
Still got funny feet,
But aint no half-stepping me,
And its still fuck a blog
Till my dying day,
This city made me so cold
So aint no trying me,
Plus I'm so bold, and fortune favors me,
And its White House
Till I live out my expectancy

Chorus x2 :

This the realist shit I ever wrote,
Beats to the death of me,
White House till I'm Ghost

Tupac :

I wont just cuz yall want me to act white,
Just cuz all these other muthafuckas
Act white when they get their papers,
I'mma act very black,
I'mma buy a benz,
Cuz thats what niggas do,
You understand me?
I'mma smoke weed,
Cuz thats what niggas do,
I'mma pack a gat,
Cuz thats what niggas do,
You understand me?
I'mma get drunk,
Cuz thats what niggas do!

Theres no place that I wont go,
And I feel as though
If you got love and you putting out real shit,
You can do that,
If you kicking that shit from your heart,
You can go wherever your heart wants you to go



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