Monday, 2 January 2012

The White House Band - Happiness Ft. Ciph

New track from The White House Band, featuring Ciph and produced by David E Beats. Hit the jump for the lyrics!

Verse 1 - David E Beats :

Uh, I swear,
Having mad fun making it jump in here,
And no Kriss-Kross,
Just a spin- off of an old joint,
That made white girls get off,
Roll up,
Lift off,
Spit off,
Thats like everyday,
Somedays like Cirque Soliel,
Not perfect, ok,
But since birth I aim,
To find new lanes to play,
And new games to slay, uh,
There be a range of ways,
To cop that palace and that escalde,
All cash, no credit,
And I credit all those who embedded
And told they buddys to check it,
And I shine, flourescent,
Cuz my mind and message
Is synced like I'm texting,
And I compete with myself,
For the best flip,
And read Donald Trump,
For the lessons,
And theres a major bump in my sales pitch,
Uh, shouts CapCity Records,
And W-H-B,
I AM PR, tho,
Road To Americano

Verse 2 - Ciph :

Heaven only knows I was
Born to be the best,
Reaching on my peak, man,
I can feel it in my chest,
I lived and I learned,
And I learned to be awesome,
Going top flight,
Out of sight when my thoughts come,
Label me a dreamer,
Label me a rider,
Leave it up to me, lyrically
To provide the,
Way out the bullshit,
They still serve up,
But I'm focused enough,
To see whats-what,
I keep it going cuz I'm
Goddamned willing to,
I take the time to unwind,
I aint feeling you,
Hold up, slow up,
With the interviews,
Watch your mouth when you're
Talking to a winner dude,
Yessir, I'm a fight to the finish,
I'm a fight to replenish,
This is more then an image,
Your a Pop-Eye nigga,
Better eat you're spinach,
I'm a go and eat my dinner,
Be fucked on these niggas,
Real talk on these niggas,
I'm a eat regardless,
Start this real shit,
Home's where the heart is,
And never part this,
Go buck for buck,
It still stands that I'm a true artist



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