Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The White House Band - Sadness

Another track from The White House Band, produced by David E Beats with lyrics after the jump.

Verse :

When I see sales,
My brain start spinning like
Them spreewells,
But them bitches hate,
Downgrade from females,
I'm a eat these rappers up,
Spitting entrails,
And its still fuck a blog,
Off what they entail,
My flow was in jail,
Cuz I put it there,
Ostricized for my lines,
Sand in my hair,
But now I'm out here,
Over 1000 sold,
I'm so cold,
Yea I'm the fucking man,
Yall niggas shuck and dance,
And its still fuck an advance,
Plans up my pants ass,
At last, I feel as if,
The stacks I been getting,
Gotta get up out the mattress,
Relocate the atlas,
Reinvest in assest,
Spendingt off the interest,
Eggs in many baskets,
What nigga, besides ol' Jigga,
Rapping like he be getting them Wall St figures,
Dave E Bizzle,
White House Band,
Throw your W's like your on Gangland,
Shouts to the bitches who stay
With the same man,
And shouts to the niggas progressing
The game plan,
Unlike ya'll, I aint stuck in the same stance,
I learned from trial and error
To lever my own band,
Road to riches, fingers crossed for the lotto,
Coming soon muthafuckas,

David E Beats Guitar Solo



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