Monday, 7 March 2011

M.I.C. - The Variable (Mixtape)

Slept on, the only words I can think after listening to this. I came across this and was going to pass, very glade checked it out. Track list and download after the jump!

1.Daniel Farraday Intro 00:48
2.Beautiful Struggle (Feat. Cash) 03:30
3.La La La LA 02:30
4.We're Done 02:30
5.Sunshine (Feat. Masai) 03:26
6.Poison 03:49
7.John Locke 03:38
8.All That Glitters 03:55
9.Hank Moody 04:04
10.Where I Belong (Feat. Paul Thompson) 02:35
11.IDGAF 03:47



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