Saturday, 21 May 2011

Castle - Ditch Effort

""Ditch Effort" is a loose-concept album about me leaving planet Earth behind and venturing off into space. It's very existential, moody, and self-indulgent. I actually had no intention of releasing this album, but it didn't feel right bidding everyone farewell with another instrumental album.

This is the last solo project I'll be releasing for a while. After performing for almost 20 years (since I was five), I've grown tired of seeking a record deal or independent recognition. Giving up music is not my intention. I don't think I ever could. I can, however, give up the "grind."

I don't plan to leave the grind behind forever either, but I have no idea when I'll return to it. To those who've paid attention to me over the years, I appreciate your love and support."

There is no minimum price but if you want you can support him or just grab it for free. Enjoy!

Download: Castle - Ditch Effort


TheLanderson27 said...

thats a cool thing to do, I'll probably pay a few dollars when i get paid next friday!

Anonymous said...

that seems to be the way forward...give it out for free and hope people like it enough to an honesty box haha

pv said...

this is something truly unique and something i respect

TechnoCater said...

nice collection, i like your taste

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